Yeah, last week was sunny, but damn if the cold didn't bite us right in the ass. Know what else bit us? A rhinovirus. That's right: We have the nastiest lung-buttery malaise this side of the Asian avian flu. It's been two weeks now. And besides copious doses of NyQuil (or, in our case, the generic version), personal health crises like this call for some serious comfort. Mom can't help anymore…but this can.

Your dog humped your old fuzzy moose slippers. Gross. Try these Monty Python-inspired gems instead. Bunny Chomp slippers, $24.99. Web only,

Skip all the dubious home remedies. Let Herb Shoppe's naturopaths whip you up some homeopathic goodness. Head Cold Flu Remedy in tincture form, $12. The Herb Shoppe. 3327 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 234-7801, Photo: Ashley Sturm

Soup from a can sucks. Luckily, PDX's got local "souper" heroes Jed Lazar and Shauna Lambert from Soup Cycle, who deliver soup to your door weekly via bicycle. It's almost as good as having your mom there. Unfortunately, they won't hug you or rub your back...but you can try. Quart of soup that serves two, $9 veggie/vegan, $10 meat. Photo: Ashley Sturm
The closest thing to being in the womb? A bath. This soap smells of oranges and makes bath water look like liquid gold. It's like injecting yourself with an intravenous line of sunshine. Sunny Side Bubble Bar, $5.95. 803 NW 23rd Ave., 228-5874. Photo: Ashley Sturm

Come on. You've been dying to order it after watching all those TV infomercials, and we know it. It's a blanket with sleeves. So what if it makes you look like that bald cult dude from Heaven's Gate? Sometimes warmth wins over personal style and self-respect. Snuggie, $19.95.

Two words: hot toddy. Two more words: now, dammit. Preferably made from local wares. Clear Creek Oregon Brandy, $39.95. Clear Creek Distillery, 2389 NW Wilson St., 248-9470, and area liquor stores. Photo: Ashley Sturm Hummingbird clover honey, $3.99 a pound (bulk) and organic lemons, 50 cents each. People's Co-Op, 3029 SE 21st Ave., 222-5658,