Purse, handbag, tote…whatever you call it these days, lugging around a bag o' crap is part of a female's DNA. Even though it's a health hazard. You heard me: Big bags jam-packed with crap (weigh yours sometime—you'll be surprised) have been linked to back, shoulder and neck pain, and even arthritis. Whatever, silly doctor-type people. Ginormous purses are totally cool. But still, it made me wonder: What the hell is in those things? What is so earth-shatteringly important that it simply must be on our person at all times? So, welcome to the first installment of Consumer Whore's new series: Hey, Lady! What's in That Big-Ass Bag?

Lady: Rebecca Merrill, 23, painting student at PNCA

Bag: Big-ass BMI canvas tote

Found: Smoking out in front of Yur's on Northwest 16th Avenue.

Why carry around a big-ass bag? "'Cause I always have to be prepared at any moment—and also to snack at all times."