Plywood Smashing
4221 N Willis Ave, Portland OR
A plywood sign placed at the former John Ball Elementary School told of a meeting meant to prepare residents for a hearing that will decide the property’s fate. Three people were seen smashing the sign into smithereens with a hammer, then promptly cleaning up all the pieces and taking them away in their car.
Oregon Trail Cards
4815 N.E. Seventh Ave, Portland OR
Last Sunday, May 3, was the first day of the new King Farmers Market, which aims to make nutritious food available to everyone through the integration of Oregon Trail cards that use food stamps, and a Neighbors Feeding Neighbors fund that doubles the buying power of people receiving food assistance.
622 SE Grand Ave, Portland OR
BarCampPortland’s third annual “geek culture” conference at CubeSpace discussed everything from Facebook etiquette to open-source software and “creating awkwardness through social technology (when your mom finds your sex blog).”
Goose Hollow Station, Portland OR
Twenty-seven-year-old Meghan Rae Teresi was fatally hit by a MAX train on April 27, as it entered the eastbound Goose Hollow station.
The Dude at the Bagdad
3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR
Cinco De Lebowski IV saw hundreds of dudes abiding on May 1, parading down 39th Avenue in bathrobes, nonchalantly making their way to the Bagdad Theater. White Russians were on special during The Big Lebowski viewing on the big screen.
Azteca Investigation
10505 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
The OLCC is investigating the Azteca restaurant in Beaverton for serving underage drinkers after a bar brawl on Sunday morning, May 3, that began with karaoke and ended with broken bottles, projectile chairs, pepper spray and seven arrests.