800 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR
Five thousand trainophiles came to Union Station for National Train Day on May 9 to look at Southern Pacific 4449, the sexiest Art Deco-era steam engine around, and the only one in the country still running.
Flash In The Pan
401 NE 28th Street, Portland OR
Like a flash in the pan, Morgan Brownlow of Clarklewis fame is resigning as chef of Cafe 401, less than two months after it opened.
Racetracks For Sale
1001 N. Schmeer Road, Portland OR
Magna Entertainment Corp. is selling Portland Meadows and three other racetracks across the U.S. The nation’s largest horse-track owner wants to hedge its bets after filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March.
Shitty Sewers
N Russell St. Portland, OR 97227
Russell Street residents found shit in their basements last week after a sewer line break. The dreck came up through drains, toilets, showers and floors.
Changing Principals
2425 SW Vista Ave, Portland
Ainsworth Elementary’s Elizabeth Casson-Taylor will be the new principal of Beaumont Middle School in Northeast Portland. She replaces Sherie Knutsen, who is retiring after 34 years with the district.
Pocket Shot
119 NW Connell Street, Portland OR
A woman was accidentally shot in the stomach after a gun, in the pocket of a jacket, fired when the jacket was tossed over a chair. Her husband called 911, though it’s still not clear whose gun was in whose pocket and who did the tossing.
Millennium Ninth!
3158 E. Burnside. Portland, OR
Music Millennium has been named the ninth-best indie record store in the country by Spin magazine. Ninth!