Shots Fired
A man was shot in his apartment in the 900 block of North Ainsworth Street on May 21, making it the fourth aggravated assault case in the Humboldt neighborhood in the past 30 days, all suspected gang activity. The injuries were not fatal, and the unknown suspect got away.
Successful Failure
The Portland School Board voted May 20 to extend the charter of the Leadership & Entrepreneurship Public High School for three more years, a school it had previously deemed an “economic failure.”
Lost and Found
A woman’s 2003 Subaru Impreza Outback was stolen from Skyline Tavern at closing time on May 21 after thieves tied the woman up. The car was found nearby in the hills and returned later that day.
Bad Air
Parents met with DEQ employees May 21 in Chapman Elementary’s auditorium to discuss ESCO Corp.’s contribution to the miserable air quality in North and Northwest Portland. ESCO’s smoke stacks off Northwest 25th Avenue helped nearby neighborhood schools rank in the top 2 percent of the nation for bad air quality, reports USA Today.
Duck Hunt
Police were called to Laurelhurst Park on May 20, after two ducks were shot with arrows by an unidentified quack. One of the birds was killed.
Splash ’n’ Cash
John Robert Hermann, 24, held up a Southeast 82nd Avenue gas station May 21—with a plastic squirt gun. He made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, dumping the squirt gun, a pair of sunglasses, a knife and a towel along the way.