Ron Jeremy and his legendary appendage are reaching out to touch Portland. The 56-year-old porno king recently announced he's teamed up with established local swingers club operator Paul Smith, of the defunct Ace of Hearts, to launch Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso this weekend in the space once home to Fernando's Hideaway in downtown Portland. The "upscale" sex club, which has a dress code and requires guests to become members ($50 a year for the single ladies, $150 for single gents), will fill its monthly calendar with an eye-popping roster of events, from couples swapping and gangbangs to "MILF parties"—plus a nightly buffet and bar full of liquid courage. The mustachioed marvel, who'll be on hand for at least one of the club's three kickoff parties, opened up to WW about the right kind of touching, his passion for barbecue, and Portland women.

WW: Why open your swingers club here?

Ron Jeremy: My friend Paul [Smith] actually approached me about doing it. Keep in mind I don't own the club, but I am, like, a figurehead. [The owners] asked to use my name [and paid me a fee]. I said, "You know, they aren't doing drugs...they don't press on anybody to swing. It's a fun place to hang out, so why not?"

What is the weirdest experience you've had at a sex club?

When I was young and nice-looking and thin, a guy asked me to be his wife's birthday present. It's not that weird, really.

When you go to sex clubs, do you hook up with people or do you usually just watch?

It depends. I have hooked up, yes. I'm single and I'll usually bring a date. The fair thing to do is make sure your date is into swinging and she wants to have some fun, maybe meet some other couples. Not to necessarily even go the distance; you could just maybe do a little touchy-feely, or a little huggy-kissy. It doesn't mean you're going to some club and it's just banging within five minutes. If my date is being playful, then I'll be playful. If she's not, then I won't. She can't be having coffee and doughnuts and I'm running around trying to swing. It offsets the odds. It's a very delicate atmosphere.

Do you have a problem mixing business and pleasure since swingers clubs are, sort of, your new business?

It's pleasure all the way. I've never had my name on a building before. There is a guy in St. Louis that is going to put my name on a barbecue place; that is kind of fun, too. Because Lord knows, next to sex, I like to eat.

Are you going to be visiting the club a lot?

Yeah, every chance I can, of course. L.A. to Oregon is not that big of a hop.

Do you ever hook up with fans, like people coming to see you at Club Sesso?

Um, I guess…kinda. I mean, I am single. Why discriminate on a fan? [changes his voice] "Hey, I'm a big fan." " Thank you, NEXT." "I hate what you do for a living." "There's my girl!" The fan is making more sense. The fans are much better.

Does it freak you out if someone says, "I've seen all of your films"?

It's adorable, but it's also…nice try. There's almost 2,000 of them; you're one busy little fellow.

There are rumors you've hooked up with Portlanders in other local sex clubs in the past. Is there something uniquely attractive about Portland's women?

They've all got nice curves. You wouldn't accuse Portlanders of being bulimic or anorexic. [In] entertainment capitals like Hollywood or parts of Florida you see so much unnatural surgery between liposuction and boobies getting done. Then there's Portland—a lot of people are natural, which I like.

Is there anything that you aren't OK with happening at Club Sesso?

Everyone knows it's all consensual. No one should be too aggressive. You don't go reach for a private area. The proper thing you do is rub an elbow, a knee, a leg, just a nonsexual part so the person being approached has the right, or the ability, to say: "No, we'd rather just stay by ourselves" or "We're just here to observe." Or...[instead] "Heeeyyy, nice ass, get your ass over here," you know, "Do a double salsa up to my face, thank you." And I guess gay sex has always been taboo. They have their own specific clubs.

What do you do when you're not having sex?

I have a lot of friends who are entertainers, so I'll go to rock-'n'-roll events and concerts and see comedians. I send out résumés, try to get in more feature films. The actual job is almost relaxing.


Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso, 824 SW 1st Ave. Grand opening celebration 9 pm-4 am Friday-Sunday, June 19-21, with Ron Jeremy expected to attend at least one evening. Couples $60, single men $85, single women $20—plus membership fee. 21+.