St. Johns
Go by Train
The Port of Portland announced it will add several new tracks to the Rivergate Industrial District by the end of June. The project is part of a record year of construction for the Port.
No Place to Party
The City of Portland denied Last Thursday’s organizers a permit to close Northeast Alberta Street for the upcoming night of art and entertainment June 25. Neighbors complained after last month’s celebration led to urine and vomit in people’s front yards. The city will assume control of the event.
Old town/chinatown
Sharing Is Caring
Old porn became new again at the Pornapalooza Porn Exchange on June 19, an event held by the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Attendees swapped porn videos and magazines to the beat of retro disco music.
Looking Fierce
A Labrador retriever named Oliver and a Chihuahua named Artie both won the title of “Portland’s Next Top Dog Model” on June 17, during a competition that raised $5,000 for the Oregon Humane Society.
Pie in the Face
A pie-inspired Pedalpalooza bike ride the night of June 23 included an attempt to break the record for most Whiffie’s Fried Pies consumed in an hour. Participants could also compete to be the first to eat three pies with no hands.
Hot Air
A McMinnville man landed his hot air balloon June 18 in the Southwest Kennedy Street community garden. Strong winds had pushed the balloon away from its original landing area in the parking lot of the Beaverton Michael’s Arts & Crafts.