Bus Brawl
NE 13th Avenue & Dekum Street , Portland OR
A mother and her 1-year-old son were inadvertently caught in the middle of a fight between two groups of teens on a TriMet bus July 31. One of the teens was shoved onto the mother and child before the driver stopped the bus.
Naughty Nurse
420 NE Mason Street , Portland OR
A nurse working at retirement community Irvington Village was arraigned Thursday, July 30, for allegedly stealing a diamond ring from a woman in a wheelchair. The nurse is charged with stealing the ring off a nightstand and selling it for $1,000.
Hot Spot
404 SW Washington Street , Portland OR
Fire inspectors allowed Greek Cusina—and the big purple octopus—to stay open after threatening to close the restaurant Aug. 1 for fire-code violations. The restaurant’s owner must pay a 24/7 fire watch patrol until the building violations are fixed.
Last Ride
SW 10th Avenue & SW Yamhill Street , Portland OR
A horse pulling a carriage with a “Just Married” sign died after it fell and broke its leg Aug. 1. The horse was 23 years old.
Ball Blowup
3010 SE Oxbow Pkwy , Gresham OR
After a beach ball escaped from a family at Oxbow Park on July 28, a fight ensued between the ball’s owner and a group of teens who had snatched it. The owner was taken to the hospital and needed 12 staples in his head.
CLackamas County
Tipsy Truck
1500 SW SUNSET DRIVE , Portland OR
A beer truck nearly tipped over July 30 after snagging its trailer on a cable. The day’s 96-degree heat had caused the wires to droop.