Being on the road is tough sometimes. Simple things like finding time to eat become quite difficult. Often it isn't until after the show that the chance arises to relax with something (usually salty, often spicy) tasty. So at the risk of our name being changed to "Snackron/Family," I bring you our Top 5 late night foods.

Belgian Frites in­—you guessed it—Brussels, Belgium
An insane mountain of frites handed over in a cone (with a mini frite-mountain inside) from stands, carts and storefronts. You can get crazy and add curry sauce, or choose from 10 other flavors. I'm a traditional mayo guy.

Doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland
After a show at Berbati's Pan (maybe our first tour?), we left the club famished and thought the smell of these must be a joke! Nothing beats a warm doughnut at 3 am.

Taco Zone in Echo Park, Los Angeles
This is the best taco truck I have visited in L.A, and if you know me, you know I love taco trucks! There are a few lawn chairs on the sidewalk and a large empty parking lot across the street where you can get crazy on some al pastor. Four different salsas!

Döner Kebab in Darmstadt, Germany
Some prefer the lamb shawarma, some the chicken; the vegetarians get sheep's cheese. All with a little lettuce, tomato and the slamming-hot sauce. There are other kebab spots with thinner bread, different meat. But this is the one we always remember.

"The Psychedelic Donut," a.k.a. Grand Morelos, NYC
I know, I know, two taco spots. What can I say? This is my favorite restaurant in New York and being that it's open 24 hours, it's the ultimate in late-night. Many a good and bad idea have been born and encouraged there over a mountain of chorizo. We all moved out of the 'hood a few months ago. I will miss my neighborhood spot.


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