Hip-hop can be boastful, loud and self-serving, but we shouldn't forget it was music born with an inherent social consciousness. The second annual Hot Nights/Warm Coats show taps into that original spirit. Featuring over 20 regional acts in all—including kingpins like Cool Nutz, Braille and Soul P—HNWC aims to better last year's total of over 600 coats collected for Oregon's needy. While organizers are looking for warm and "gently used" coats, WW decided to ask some of the showcase's performers about the biggest fashion faux pas they ever made.

Diezel P (pictured)
"I had a bright and shiny red and yellow throwback Atlanta Hawks parka with the matching headband that I actually donated to the last HNWC. Poor kid who got that."

Luck-One Conscious
"The ugliest coat I ever wore was, hands-down, my dark blue state-issue prison jacket. Though I thought it was fresh at the time 'cause it was a one-wash, I soon came to realize that it had an eight-digit number stamped on the inside of it like all the rest of 'em."

DJ Fatboy
"Ugliest coat I had was some replica Chicago Bulls leather jacket I got from Tijuana. The bull's horns looked like a unicorn's, Chicago was spelled wrong and it said 'Bull,' not 'Bulls.' It was all bad!"

"The funniest coat I had was the fake Michael Jackson coat I got when I was like 7. Shiny-ass red coat; the rhinestones would fall off and shit."

"One time I traded all my Camel Bucks in and got me a corduroy Joe Camel jacket. I was 14."


Hot Nights/Warm coats is Sunday, Sept. 13, at Blitz Ladd. 2 pm. $5. 21+. See listings, page 34 for partial lineup and ozoneshiphopshowcase.com for more details.