Northeast Tillamook and 18th Avenue , Portland OR
On Sept. 7, neighbors mourned the loss of Mooshi, an 18-year-old pot-bellied pig who died Aug. 23 of natural causes.
1445 NW 26th Ave , Portland OR
Hundreds of people have been meeting at Chapman Elementary School this week to watch the Vaux’s swifts. The birds fly into the school’s chimney between 6 and 8 pm to roost.
701 SW 6th Ave, Portland OR
Free pancakes were served Sept. 3 in Pioneer Square for Portland Pancake Day. Oregon farmers donated 225,000 pounds of pancake mix to the Oregon Food Bank.
531 SE 14th Ave. , Portland OR
Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts’ Time-Based Art Festival commenced its 11-day run Sept. 3 by rockin’ out with noise band Gang Gang Dance at the old Washington-Monroe High School, which has been shuttered since the 1980s.
15000 SE Powell Blvd. , Portland OR
Firefighters stopped a fire from taking out an apartment building Sept. 3. Even though the fire had already reached the attic, the main body of the blaze was put out in 10 minutes.
SW Murray & Beard , Beaverton OR
Police used Lucinda Cardoza-Hernandez’s cell phone to catch the live-in babysitter Sept. 2, 11 hours after she allegedly kidnapped her charges on her first day of work. Cardoza-Hernandez, 28, blamed the incident on depression.