1600 E 4th Plain, Vancouver, WA
Vancouver police sought a passenger who fled the scene after a car crash Sept. 25 that killed the driver and injured two other passengers. The car hit a concrete wall and flew over a 4-foot fence before flipping over in a cemetery. Two of the men were ejected from the car.
7414 N. Montana Ave., Portland OR
Talk about a sweet traffic jam! Cars were backed up on I-5 the morning of Sept. 25 after a semi truck spilled hundreds of cookies and cereal packages on the road.
13 NW. 6th Ave., Portland OR
The Star Theater was shut down after a raid Sept. 25 for allegedly serving alcohol without a liquor license. Police say the location had been operating as an illegal after-hours nightclub for the past year.
2735 NE 82nd Ave., Portland OR
A student was hospitalized after being stabbed at Madison High School shortly after classes got out for the day Sept. 25. Witnesses say a group of six to eight teenagers were seen beating the student beforehand.
SW 4th & SW Lincoln St., Portland OR
A TriMet driver called authorities Sept. 26 after seeing a suspicious-looking device at a downtown intersection. Police sent a bomb squad to check it out, and evacuated a nearby car rental business. The device was actually a traffic-flow counter installed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation.
2850 SE 82nd., Portland OR
A thief described to be in his 60s and balding with a beard stole $5,000 worth of jewelry from Jessica Jewelers on Sept. 24. Owner Jimmy Vilaysanh says the man reached over the counter and opened a showcase cabinet that had the key left in the lock. Vilaysanh didn’t realize the merchandise was missing until inventory was counted the next day.
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