You really should read: Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer

Pink-haired Laini Taylor's fantasy novels may be written for children, but adult critics seem to be captured by her intricate plots as well, describing her writing as fresh, vibrant and clever. Tackling topics from faeries and demons to supernatural kisses, the Rose City resident has clearly created a world in which imaginations can flourish. 3 pm. Saturday Oct. 10. Target Children's Stage.

What's your personal writing ritual?

I bait a bear trap with peacock feathers and chocolate to catch my muse, and then I sit and wait. And wait...and wait. OK, forget it. I have no ritual. I just write.

What are your favorite themes to write about?

Characters with hidden depths; secrets; yearning; kissing!

The most beautiful word in the English language is: Eldritch

What authors made you want to pick up a pen in the first place, and why?

I adore Angela Carter's short stories. They're a huge inspiration for beautiful literary fiction that's also juicy, creepy, and fun. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling are also inspirations.

Fight Club time: If you could fight one author (or critic), who would it be and why?

Fight? I wouldn't fight anyone. I'd just sic faeries on them in their sleep.

Dream project:

Writing the stories I want to write and getting paid for it. Hey, I'm living my dream!

Most recent nightmare:

Tom DeLay on Dancing With the Stars.

Your cure for writer's block:

Write about writing. It's easier than writing!

Pessimistic question: Will you keep writing even after people stop reading?

No. I'll become an organ-grinder in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Look for me: I'll be the one with pink hair and a monkey.

Cautiously optimistic question: Obama? Discuss.

Let's see how he does with healthcare. You don't even want to know what my family pays each month for coverage!

Name one thing you've had to change in your everyday life thanks to our current recession.

I'm using the library more instead of buying every single book that strikes my fancy. I'm still buying, just a lot less, and it pains me.

Please paste a short paragraph from a story you're currently working on below:

"She had trusted him enough to let him touch her while she slept. Even in recollection, that trust amazed him—that a girl not much older than Karou had trusted a spy and a killer to lie beside her and trace the lines of her sleeping face, her graceful neck, the joints of her powerful wings. Sometimes he'd felt her pulse spike with jagged dreams; other times she'd murmured and reached for him, still asleep, waking as she drew him against her and then, silkily, into her. She was dead now."