When TriMet decided to cut its budget this year, the scalpel slashed both bus frequency and free bus rides in Fareless Square.

Here, by the numbers, is what that will mean for TriMet's roughly 40,000 daily bus riders, starting Nov. 29.


Minutes between buses on TriMet's Frequent Network routes now.


Wait times in minutes, starting Nov. 29. Occasionally, waits will be as long as 20 minutes.


The year Fareless Square goes away for bus riders. TriMet spokeswoman Bekki Witt notes that Fareless Square remains for rail riders (see photo above) and that eliminating it this January for buses will relieve a huge fare-checking burden for bus drivers.


Millions of dollars projected to be saved by eliminating Fareless Square.


Percent of riders in TriMet outreach surveys who say they support the rail-only options for Fareless Square, which will be renamed Free Rail Zone.


The date the Transit Riders Union plan to rally at the Portland Business Alliance to protest loss of Fareless Square for bus riders. (9 am, 200 SW Market St.)


The group also plans to protest on this date in City Council Chambers at 9:30 am.