In case you crave such a combination, there is a place where all-day breakfast and a cocktail containing absinthe exist on the same menu. The mashup is more odd than inspired, but Mother Maybel's Martinis Spirits (510 NE 28th Ave., 236-8541) is worth a visit, as the friendly waitstaff and good food level out the bar's missteps. Surprisingly, the biggest disappointments here were the club's namesake martinis. The dirty martini tasted like pure ethanol, and even a Ketel One martini lacked smoothness. Depending on who makes them, the Sazerac with absinthe and the aromatic Martinez are the way to go. But you pay for atmosphere, too, and Mother Maybel's—with its chic interior of high tables and leather couches—isn't cheap. Still, the personable bartenders make it worth your money, and the club's Tuesday-night trivia proves that Portland's dive bars can't hog all the fun. Sure, some folks may not be able to stomach an omelette with their martini, but the menu offers more than enough eats (including delicious portabella sliders) to satisfy.