5. "I'll Stay," Parliament
Shows the bluesier side of P-Funk. Love the haunting vibe on this. Plus, it's sampled by the greatest group of all time, De La Soul.

4. "Atomic Dog," George Clinton
Bow wow wow yippy-yo yippy-yay!

3. "Funkin' For Fun," Parliament
This song puts the "ooooooo" in grooooove. From the Clones of Dr. Funkenstein album. Classic!

2. "The Big Bang Theory," Parliament
This song pretty much sums up the P-Funk sound. The change half way through makes me feel like I actually smoked a blunt with George himself.

1. "Mothership Connection," Parliament
One of my top 10 songs of all time. This song takes you on a journey from morning to noon to night. It's like a day in the life of the P-Funkateers!


George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic play Monday, Jan. 18, at Crystal Ballroom with Lifesavas' Rev. Shines. 9 pm. $25-$27. 21+.