4233 N Mississippi Ave., twitter.com/thebigegg. Breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Sunday.

The Mississippi Monte Cristo will be the happy death of us all.

804 SW 12th Ave., 380-3087, bombaychaathouse.org. Lunch and early dinner Monday-Saturday.

Avtar Kaur's vegetarian legume goop is the best vegetarian legume goop, and the special's just $5.

North Lombard Street between Denver and Greeley avenues, 289-9866; North Mississippi Avenue and Fremont Street, 282-9866, Flavourspot.com. Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Friday-Saturday at the Mississippi location.

The Dutch taco: a waffle filled with a sausage patty and drizzled with maple syrup.

Roving, see koifusionpdx.com for locations.

Korean short ribs on handmade tortillas are great, if you can find the truck.

Southwest 5th Avenue and Stark Street, 421-9838. Lunch Monday-Friday.

The reason this taco cart's line is longer than the others? The best torta in town.

Southeast 48th Avenue and Division Street. Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday.

Good lord, can this man barbecue!

North Mississippi Avenue and Shaver Street, moxierx.blogspot.com. 9 am-3 pm Friday-Saturday.

Hot, wonderful juice.

Southwest 10th Avenue and Alder Street, 971-255-3480, khaomangai.com. Lunch Monday-Saturday.

Nong Poonsukwattana does one thing—poached chicken with rice cooked in chicken stock—and she does it very well.

4233 N Mississippi Ave., facebook.com/nuevomexicopdx. Lunch and early dinner Wednesday-Sunday.

Before Jesse Sandoval started his red-and-orange cart, there was no good New Mexican food in town; now there is.

Southwest 10th Avenue and Alder Street, 971-570-6040. Lunch and early dinner Monday-Saturday.

No. 1, certainly, but not at bento—this Korean cart makes the best bibimbap.

Northeast 18th Avenue and Alberta Street, 780-5363, twitter.com/parkerswaffles. Breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday.

These waffles come flat, not folded, and topped with eggs, bacon and cheese.

Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard, potatochampion.com. Lunch, dinner and late-night Tuesday-Sunday.

There is not a better rock-'n'-roll Belgian/Canadian french-fry truck anywhere.

1003 SW Alder St., 750-5634, savorsouphouse.com. Lunch Monday-Friday.

In addition to three great soups per day, there is (yes!) a grilled-cheese bar.

Southwest 10th Avenue and Alder Street, 330-2037. Lunch Monday-Saturday.

Downtown's prettiest cart makes a pumpkin curry that will haunt your dreams.

Southwest 5th Avenue and Stark Street, schnitzelwich.com. Lunch Monday-Friday.

Hail Schnitzelwich, king of breaded-pork sandwiches!

SE 3rd Avenue and Alder St., 961-2534, thefriedonion.com. Lunch Monday-Friday.

Giant red dogs with chili and cheese, Fetzer's brats, and burgers too; Red Sox fans pay extra.

2219 NW Raleigh St., 706-3841, thefryingscotsmanpdx.com. Lunch Monday-Saturday.

Authentic fish and chips, fried by an authentic Scotsman, that will put you in an authentic food coma.

4237 N Mississippi Ave., thesugarcubepdx.com. Lunch and dinner Wednesday-Sunday.

Cupcakes, panna cotta and a brownie sundae!

Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard, 946-6544, whiffies.com. Lunch, dinner and late-night Tuesday-Saturday.

How better to end a night of drunken carousing than with a hot, deep-fried double-chocolate pie?

Southwest 9th Avenue and Alder Street, 473-9372, zibaspitas.com. Lunch Monday-Friday.

Ziba's are still our favorite Bosnian baked flatbread sandwiches.