"OMG! THE FOOD HERE IS AWESOME!" screams the massive LED marquee announcing the presence of Farmhouse Restaurant and Lounge (3612 SE 82nd Ave., 777-8126, gregsbackyardgrill.com). That may well be; we didn't try it. Instead we headed for the rear half of the bright red building, where young men and women in tight denim and shirts bearing the brands of energy drinks down cheap pitchers beneath unbelievably huge faux-gaslight chandeliers and enthusiastically applaud the efforts of participants in the bar's nightly karaoke marathon (9 pm-2 am). Despite the country stylings the singers perform the same catalog of '80s and '90s pop you'll find anywhere else, and do so with gusto. The only incongruous element is the sunken area behind the bar, which makes the tenders look like dwarfs.