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April 21st, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip as hot as an Eyjafjallajökull ash plume.


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  • UP IN THE AIR: Real-life Portland superhero Zetaman is catching international attention with his blue-and-black spandex and do-gooding ways. Since he was first profiled in WW (see “The Adventures of Zetaman,” March 5, 2008), the Z-man reports he’s been contacted by producers from France and Hollywood, and recently signed a development contract with Beverly Hills-based Bogner Entertainment. Cable channels have expressed interest in taking his locally produced TV show at zetaman.tv to a wider audience, Zetaman says, and he’s also partnered with Lionsgate to promote the new movie Kick Ass on his website, reallifesuperheroes.org.

  • PERFECT SOUND FOREVER: After announcing plans for a reunion tour earlier this year, the indie-rock slackers/heroes of Pavement have finally set a local date. On Friday, Sept. 3, the band—led by singer and PDX resident Stephen Malkmus—will play McMenamins Edgefield, and tickets for the all-ages show go on sale Saturday at 10 am. At $39 a pop, tickets aren’t cheap, but for folks who never got to hear “Stereo” live before the band dissolved in 1999, it might be your last chance to ask Malkmus himself how “the voice of Geddy Lee” got so high.

  • MILF-OVER: Bishops Barbershop is offering PDX moms their own awkward popularity contest this year: Moms are nominated through email or Facebook, and the one deemed most deserving of a makeover (by most commented picture) gets a haircut, makeup, acupuncture, style lessons and yoga classes. Email her photo to info@bishopsbs.com or tag her picture to the Bishops Barbershop Fan Page on Facebook with a note explaining why she should win.

  • FROM THE ASHES: The Eagle, West Burnside Street’s sorta-missed leather bar, has a new tenant—well, upstairs, anyway. Douglas Webster, the fabulous singer who played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables on Broadway and, two years ago, at Tigard’s Broadway Rose Theatre Co., and his wife, cellist Elizabeth Byrd, will debut a new performance venue, FireByrd Studios, in the space this weekend.

  • CRAIGSLIST JOB POSTING OF THE WEEK: In our continuing search for quality employment in Portland, we encountered the following Craiglist help-wanted ad posted on Friday, April 16, with the title “Samurai bodyguard needed (seriously).” It’s a dangerous gig: “My ex-boyfriend is a karate specialist, and I recently got a restraining order against him. This hasn’t stopped him; he’s hospitalized my last two bodyguards.... If you are learned in the ways of the Samurai, I believe that you could defeat his Karate abilities. Given that Samurai are renowned above all history for their swordsmanship, I believe that only a trained Samurai could stop this psycho. For each encounter with my ex you protect me from, I will grant you a thousand dollars, in addition to a salary of one hundred dollars per day.” The potential employer can be reached at (360) 420-6145. If only Ghost Dog weren’t dead.
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