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SOLID-COLOR SALE: Are you an aspiring young porn director? Do you need to fill your porn wardrobe with porn clothes? For cheap? American Apparel, the Los Angeles manufacturer of lace catsuits and impractical leotards, is holding a "rummage sale" this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center. As you probably know from the company's ads, American Apparel's products are engineered so that they may not be worn in conjunction with any other items of clothing and require the wearer to gaze lustily over her shoulder, making them suitable only for pornography. Which is good, 'cause you're an aspiring young porn director, and the porntastic clothes at this sale are up to 85 percent off normal retail prices, starting at $1. Oregon Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 10 am-8 pm Friday-Saturday, May 14-15.

HEMP DAY: It's Hemp History Week! When we all get together to talk about the history of hemp! In America! No, really—the Hemp Industries Association is hosting events across the country to get people enthused about hemp farming. At many of these events, free hemp products will be given away to hemp lovers. Hemp! For a list of Oregon events, see

A LITTLE HIGHER: Mercy Strongheart Pozgay, LMT, is offering $30 hourlong massages to new customers at her Southeast Portland practice. If I may editorialize for a moment, Strongheart is a reassuring name for a massage therapist—but Stronghand would be even better. 3007 SE Belmont St., inside the Natural Choices Health Clinic, 680-0656.

DOUBLE YOUR FOOD: Local restaurant development firm Chefstable is expanding its feedback group program to include even more restaurants, and needs more eaters. Here's how it works: email Chefstable, at, who will assign you a restaurant to eat at. You eat there. You fill out a survey about the experience. You send your receipt to Chefstable, and they send you a gift card valued at the cost of the assigned meal.

MËTÄL: In Scandinavia, premier black-metal acts tend to seek success by tooth and claw until deemed victorious by fans, critics and abhorring priests. In Portland, however, the stakes are lower, and Burials has found its status through practice, confidence and nonchalance. The trio plays the shit out of its instruments and knows how to write songs and wield melody. There's no smoke screen of Cascadian forest magic, either—just great metal music. Joining Burials on this night are two allied yet opposite forces of West Coast grind. Times of Desperation is a duo from Sacramento with four feet firmly planted in political hippie-punk ethos. Sean from Seattle fights political correctness with a withered liver and damaged brain cells. NATHAN CARSON. The Know, 2026 NE Alberta St., 473-8729, 8 pm Friday, May 14. Free. 21+.