No. 3, Chris Boone at Loprinzi's Gym
This was early in the series, and the pedal-steel guitarist was convinced that filming his band in a gym was a practical joke. He started packing up his gear in a huff, but the rest of the band talked him into staying.

No. 13, Mattress at the Lafayette footbridge
The generator we brought along wouldn't start, so we powered Mattress' audio gear (plus our equipment) from a cigarette-lighter power adapter, plugged into a nearby car with a 50-foot extension cord. The car was running out of gas.

No. 17, Narwhal vs. Narwhal at Cherry Sprout Produce
This was an easy shoot until the computer with the audio recording was stolen later that night. Determined not to let that faze us, we rescheduled and filmed the same track one week from the date of the original session.

No. 30, Nick Jaina at Portland Incubator Experiment
Both the band and the PJ crew are die-hard Saints fans, so the 2010 football season messed up our Sundays-only shooting schedule for months. But we got to see one of our good buddies (who is a defensive end for the Saints) win the frickin' Super Bowl.


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