Captivating and hypnotic, Seattle's Tiny Vipers (a.k.a. Jesy Fortino) is a stolen walk through a haunted forest. The sun-bleached record found in your grandparents' attic that, once revived, sings to daydreams and heartache long forgotten. Tiny Vipers is the memory of a memory. In concert, Fortino casts a spell with her voice that completely silences a room. Don't miss it.

WW: Have you ever had a tarot-card reading?

JF: Only by my mom.

Do you remember what it said?

It was kind of ambiguous. You're supposed to have a question in mind, but I couldn't think of one that was good enough, so she just said that I was a dreamer. That's kind of what I named the song "Dreamer" after, actually. She pulled out this card and said, "You're a dreamer." And I was like, "OK, that makes sense."


Tiny Vipers plays Mississippi Studios Wednesday, July 14, with Rafael Anton and Cars & Trains. 9 pm. $10. 21+. See to read Kat Gardiner's complete Q&A with Fortino.