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August 4th, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip More Open Than Portland’s Bridges.



  • GOOD NIGHT, DARK PRINCE: Satyricon, once the longest-running indie-rock nightclub on the West Coast, and one of Portland’s few all-ages venues, will close its doors for good this October. The building that houses the club has been purchased by local outreach/housing program the Macdonald Center and is slated to be demolished to make way for a new shelter. Satyricon, which shut down once before in 2003 after an initial two-decade run (WW’s Zach Dundas noted at its ’03 closure that there was “no Pearl District, no River District, no Chinese Garden, no MAX” when the club opened in 1984), is planning a string of high-profile farewell shows in October, with the final blast happening on Halloween. Satyricon has been open in its current all-ages format since 2006. Stay tuned to wweek.com for details as they emerge.

  • KILL BILLY: What was bald Titanic baddie Billy Zane doing in Portland last weekend? He was shooting a two-day supporting role in The Kill Hole, a psychological thriller directed by Portlander and former cabbie Mischa S. Webley, about two Iraq veterans who go all PTSD on each other “when one shows a lethal willingness to expose the war crimes the other perpetrated while deployed.” (Zane plays a veterans support-group leader.) The film, produced by New Jersey-based Alternate Ending studios, was described by crew members as “like The Hunted (with less suck) meets Taxi Driver (But directed by an actual taxi driver.) This helps explain why scenes were shot in Northwest Portland’s Radio Cab garage Saturday afternoon.

  • YOU’VE GOT GRACE: If you’re a dancer, winning a Princess Grace Award is a Very Big Deal: The national award, which recognizes emerging artists in performing arts and film, honors only six dancers nationwide every year. So when Andrea Parson, a member of Portland’s Northwest Dance Project, learned she was a 2010 recipient, her first response was to bury her head in her hands in stunned disbelief. To qualify, Parson had to complete an application and submit performance videos and photos, a letter of recommendation and a personal letter. Parson has struggled financially throughout her training and career, she says, which makes the fellowship money that the award conveys particularly sweet. (The foundation wouldn’t disclose the amount, but it’s enough to cover her salary for the year. ) See her perform live with Northwest Dance Project at 7 pm Thursday, Aug. 5, at a First Thursday “flash performance” at Northwest 13th Avenue and Hoyt Street.
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