In 1960, Tom Beimborn quit his job as a USDA meat inspector, bought a giant steer (a 6-foot-4, 3,400-pound red-and-white Holstein, to be exact) and entered the business of exhibiting exotic animals. "I jumped in with two feet, put in my two weeks' notice, bought a tent and went on the road—and I've been doing it ever since," said Beimborn, 76. His giant steer, giant horse, giant alligator, giant pig and miniature horse travel the country, giving fair- and rodeo-goers the chance to ogle their over- (or under-)sized proportions for a small fee.

Willamette Week is happy to announce that both the giant alligator and giant pig will be coming to the Oregon State Fair this year. No offense to Big Al (the gator), but there's just something about frighteningly large livestock that tickles our fancy.

Meet Harley the giant hog.

Birthplace: California. They bought him about four years ago from a farm where he was probably going to be slaughtered.

Breed: Yorkshire, age "6 or 7 years." He's expected to live 15 to 16 years—the same as a peacock in captivity.

Measurements: 4 feet tall, 8 feet long and 1,000 pounds—that's nine Justin Biebers. (An average Yorkshire pig weighs 100 to 250 pounds.)

Mmmm: He would yield 176 pounds of ham, 144 pounds of loin chops, 112 pounds of bacon, 48 pounds of sausage and 28 pounds of spareribs.

Diet: He eats 10 pounds of pig grain mixed with water and milk, twice a day. That's the equivalent of 40 orders of buttermilk pancakes from the Original Pancake House. p>Treats: "He loves elephant ears," says Harley's keeper, Greg Aubertine, of the pig's favorite fair grub. "When he eats 'em, his eyes close and he puts his head back and chews real slow. Usually he eats fast, but with elephant ears, he savors them."

Travel: He travels, by trailer, only in the summer, through Florida, California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. He spends off months on a 15-acre farm in Florida.

Temperament: He gets angry and makes loud grunting noises only when he's hungry. "He has a personality like a 5- or 6-year-old kid," says Aubertine. "When he hears my voice he gets all excited and jumps up."

Offspring: None, to Beimborn's knowledge.

GO, MEET HARLEY: The Oregon State Fair takes places at the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center, 2330 17th St. NE, Salem, 947-3247. Friday-Monday Aug. 27-Sept. 6. Specific hours and entry info at $11 adults, $6 seniors and kids ages 6-11, kids 5 and under free.

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