Jimi Hendrix, "1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)"
The way the cymbals are played and the guitar tones paint a pretty accurate underwater soundscape.

Pearl Jam, "Amongst the Waves"
Eddie and I are pretty good friends…we like to go surfing together, so he was excited to show me that track.

Feist, "The Water"
It's just really pretty. There's a demo version of it, and I really like the way that sounds.

The Untouchables, "Wild Child"
It was in this surf movie…so that song became the one we'd all listen to before we surfed, because it made us feel like we were Mark Occhilupo.

Mason Jennings, "Waves"
It's almost like a meditation—he keeps singing one line that keeps going 'round and 'round itself.… The lyrics keep coming in sets of waves.


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