Last June, the American Laser Centers clinic in Beaverton closed, leaving many of its patients out thousands of dollars for hair removal procedures they never received.

The Rogue Desk understands this economy has strained many businesses to the point of closing. But the length of time owners Ray Pearson and Kevin Clayville have taken to respond to their ex-customers has earned their clinic this week's Rogue honors.

Since the clinic closed three months ago, more than 15 customers have demanded refunds totaling about $20,000, according to complaints filed with the Oregon Attorney General's Office. Kate Medema, spokeswoman for Attorney General John Kroger, says the office is working with the owners to get them to answer complaints but is not yet pursuing legal action.

"We ask for the business owner to respond, and that's the most we can do right now," Medema says.

Laser hair removal is a gradual procedure that generally requires monthly sessions over a four-month period.

Pearson has said he's working to honor his patients' contracts. He told WW in August that he would reopen his clinic shortly after Labor Day so patients' treatments could resume.

We contacted him again after Labor Day, and Pearson said the deal didn't happen for reasons he refused to disclose.

On Sept. 28, Pearson said he has secured a letter of intent to get his patients taken care of. He refused to elaborate. "I've already given them my money," says patient Linda Martin, who paid $300 for treatments she's yet to receive. "Why should they walk away with my money without getting me what I paid for?"