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October 6th, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Wow, He Really Likes Cats!


  • OPEN AND SHUT: Concordia gastropub Fats and MLK wine bar Alu both closed last week; the former will become a second location of Little Big Burger, Micah Camden’s new Pearl District burger joint. Lest you mourn overmuch for the loss of Scotch eggs, know that the kitchen gods have opened a window: Sushi chef Hiro Ikegaya, of Hiroshi, is opening a restaurant and bar in East Burnside’s bside6 building. We’re hoping for ramen.

  • HELLO KITTY: This past weekend’s Cyborg Camp Portland 2010, held in a downtown Portland office, featured a lot of tech intended to improve the way people and computers interact—or, in some cases, people, computers and cats. One speaker, local 21-year-old programmer Max Ogden, believes the “Social Web” is completely counter to what’s important to our lives. Ogden’s hope for the “Civic Web,” then, is to create software that helps us interact out there, in the sun and grass and streets, rather than online. His CartsPDX, an iPhone and Android app that allows folks to quickly find nearby food carts or carts in a certain neighborhood, is already available. Ogden admitted that part of his motivation behind building these kind of open, crowd-sourced databases is to map the location of every cat in Portland. Using Civic Web apps, Ogden wants Portlanders to be able to conceivably plan a commute in which they passed by the maximum amount of tabbies and Persians. “Once we’ve mapped the path with the most cats,” Ogden says, “we’ve won.”

  • CARTOGRAPHY: One of the latest food-cart pods to open is Southeast 50th Avenue and Division Street’s A La Carts. Look for Off the Griddle’s veggie burgers and potato chips, Hebrew National dogs at We Be Weiners, a big old bus serving Mexican and Spanish-style fish dishes called The Deadliest Catch Fisherman’s Seafood Gallery, and rabbit, elk and bison burgers at Over the Top Wild Game Burgers. A La Carts already has some stiff competition on Division Street, with another pod, D-Street Noshery, set to open near Pok Pok at Southeast 32nd Avenue in October and slated to feature well-established names such as Namu Killer Korean BBQ, Fuego de Lotus and PIE Spot, as well as a doughnut cart (!) and a beer cart (!!!).

  • BUST A BUCKET: Technologically inclined basketball nerds will get a nice treat while playing this year’s Michael Jordan-approved edition of theNBA 2Kseries, which comes out this week: Local hip-hop outfit the Chicharones landed “Little By Little” (a song famous for the Josh Martinez lyric “Where’s my welfare? Where’s my healthcare? Where’s my sandwich? Oh, there’s my sandwich!”) on the game, which is currently the only NBA title on the market. The Chicharones are in elite company: the 2K11 soundtrack also features tracks from Drake and Snoop Dogg, among others.
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