There's something a bit different in Slabtown. New Asian fusion restaurant and bar Oasisba (1639 NW Glisan St., 473-8758) has Thai food, sure—but its servers are drag queens. With fabulous style and a touch of sass, they serve up creative cocktails ($7 Thai iced tea with Maker's Mark) and delectable Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes (try the $4 coconut zucchini during happy hour, 5-6:30 pm), and perform song and dance every hour (or more often, if it's busy). Just as delicious is watching unsuspecting customers walk in to what they thought was Sweet Basil Thai—from the outside, Oasisba still looks like the falsies-free restaurant that occupied the space until September—only to find that their waiter is in drag, and that after she serves your pad Thai she's going to lip sync to Liza Minnelli and prance about the dining room in 6-inch heels.