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The Restaurant of the Year: Our favorite new restaurant, beginning here.

The Listings: Our favorite restaurants, organized alphabetically. Unless otherwise noted, all restaurants are wheelchair-accessible. Hours and prices are accurate as of Oct. 1, 2010, but may change. Call before you go. We asked the chef at each restaurant (those who would pick up the phone, anyway) to name his or her favorite item on the menu. Each restaurant is assigned a dollar rating, referring to the cost of most entrees on the menu:

Inexpensive: Less than $10

Moderate: $10-$20

Expensive: $20-$30

Very expensive: Over $30

The Features: In addition to the usual reviews, we've included a guide to getting the best wine for your dollar ; a survey of the city's best cheese courses; our top picks of the city's food carts , brunches and cheap eats; a brief summary of the best places to eat elsewhere in Oregon; guides to neighborhoods by local food professionals; Portland's best burgers and even more.

But What About... Don't see your favorite restaurant here? It may be so new that we haven't had a chance to review it—there's an incomplete list of new and coming-soon restaurants here. Also, be sure to check out our annual Cheap Eats and Devour guides to inexpensive eateries and specialty markets on wweek.com. Or maybe we've never heard of it—send your suggestions for additions to the guide to bwaterhouse@wweek.com, and we'll check them out for next year.

Enough talking. Let's eat!

Ben Waterhouse

Photo by Lincoln Barbour


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