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October 13th, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

We’re So Using Pages 10-33 As A Political Cheat Sheet.


  • CULTURE CLUB: Portlanders have a club for everything, including, it seems, a club for people with ideas. Year-old think tank Research Club hosts events and brunches where creative people—from artists to techies to alternative toilet makers—give presentations on their projects. The idea is to foster a community where locals can talk about their projects, develop new ideas and share resources. This Friday, the club and local experimental media group Grand Detour embark on an international tour stopping in Seattle, Berlin, London and Glasgow. In each town they’ll host presentations by local people in order to make connections and bring back Euro recipes for success. For info or to submit a project, visit research-club.org/heavymeta.

  • MAYORAL CONFESSIONS: Last week’s edition of Mortified, the show where people share their most embarrassing teen secrets, had an unusual confessor: Mayor Sam Adams. The mayor discussed everything from a “projectile romance” (he puked on his date for a dance) to a surfing club he started at South Eugene High School without a surfboard, surf lessons or a beach. If one serious theme dominated Adams’ presentation at the Bagdad Theater, it was the difficulty of being in the closet as both a gay teen and a low-income student. When Mortified founder Dave Nadleberg asked, “So, you were afraid of being outed as an underprivileged kid?” Adams said: “That’s one of the things I was afraid of being outed as, yes.”

  • WORD ROCKED: Portland’s sixth annual Wordstock Festival turned the Oregon Convention Center into book central last weekend with appearances from writers like Jonathan Lethem, a pair of film crews shooting short movies, and Saturday ticket sales up 50 percent from last year (full attendance numbers were not available at press time). The weirdest moment? “Three writers from The Daily Show and a couple of other Comedy Central shows—Todd Levin, Scott Jacobson, and Jason Roeder—were here to read from their new book, Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk, and had a panic attack when they saw [their] stage was about 100 feet from the children’s area, ” Wordstock Executive Director Greg Netzer told Scoop. “They were apparently afraid they were going to scar some unsuspecting children. After a little tweaking to their presentation...everything went off without a hitch.”

  • WAITING GAME: Tired of hearing the same obnoxious hold music every time you try to air a complaint to City Hall? The City of Portland just finalized its Listen Local Fall 2010 playlist, and it features 15 songs from local musicians and groups—including tracks by the Parson Red Heads and Future Historians, and a song from Othello titled, appropriately, “Elevator Music”—that will play as the hold music to any phone call through the end of the year. The playlist will go live over the phones in the next few days, so don’t call before then.
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