I do enjoy a good double entendre, and Bar of the Gods, always abbreviated B.O.G., is an accurate name in both of its meanings. You can certainly get mired down in this pantheon of booze, as the drinks are strong and cheap. The bar is dark and inviting, with strings of grape lights overhead, doing little to illuminate the grime left over from the smoking days. The bartenders are surly but sweet; the music is as loud as the crowd. It's everything you want a dive to be, complete with a heated and covered smoking area out back, and hypnotizing lights that make it look like fireflies are on the walls, and I wasn't even drunk yet! Also, the chili mac is a gut-filling concoction that will keep you drinking all night long.

What to drink: Gangsta-aid, $6: Emergen-C; vodka; pineapple, orange and cranberry juice; muddled lemon and lime = ambrosia.
Happy hour: $1.50 Pabst pints, $2.50 well drinks 4-8 pm daily.
Entertainment: TV, pool, pinball, Big Buck Hunter, drunken reverie.