"Uh, why did you turn down our song?" my friend asked the bartender after our jukebox selection—"Bring the Ruckus" by Wu-Tang Clan—was taken down to a barely discernible decibel level. The guy shrugged. "It was loud," he said. "I was trying to talk to somebody." Whatever. While the help may hate you, Crow Bar has much to offer. The long, brick-walled bar is just large enough for a pool table, a few pinball machines, Ms. Pac-Man and a jukebox that's stacked with albums from hometown heros like Red Fang and Elliott Smith. If you're in the business, stop by on Sunday for industry night, grab a PBR for a buck and bring some change for a few games and tunes. Just don't expect the staff to like what you pick.
What to drink: Draft margaritas ($3 on Monday nights).
Happy hour: $3 well drinks, $3 micros, $1.50 PBR 3-8 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pinball, Ms. Pac-Man, jukebox.