Crush, Southeast Portland's de facto queer dance club, is the kind of place where everyone is welcome to join the party, regardless of whom one prefers to bone. The bar up front is classy without being pretentious—sure, the well drinks start at $5, but the juice is fresh and the pours are fair. The back area is all club, with a disco ball, swanky lounge furniture and DJs on the weekends. The kitchen offers a huge menu, including a popular weekend brunch. I heart Crush so much I want to write its name on my sneakers and pass it a note that says, "Do you like me? Yes or no (circle one)."
What to drink: Cucumber mojito, $7.50.
Happy hour: None.
Entertainment: DJs, dancing, darts, That's So Gay trivia Tuesdays, Gaym Show bingo Wednesdays.