With only about eight tables and several more counter seats, any seat in Pizza a Go Go provides a good view of the pizza-making process. While you're observing, try to figure out how they get the 12-inch pie big enough to easily feed two people (cheese, $9; pepperoni, $11.75; Funky Chicken, $13.75). If you're not two people, or not up to eating enough for two people, there are the requisite slice options: cheese ($2.50), pepperoni ($2.75), veggie ($3.50), vegan ($3.25) and others when available. And if you're more than two people, you should probably go big with an 18-inch pie, which runs around $25. Other pluses: Bubbles Bread Stix (2 for $1.50) and Terminal Gravity IPA on tap ($4 pints).