Ten minutes after my boyfriend and I get to the Queen of Hearts, a woman with a gray bob and voluminous suede parka sits down on his other side. Her name is Jennifer, and she regales us with tales of tequila-drinking adventures in Mexico and details about the (surprisingly good!) blues band—her boyfriend is the bassist—before she sees three of her friends come in. We part with hugs and promises to hang out again next week. That's the kind of bar Queen of Hearts is: a neighborhood place with zero pretension. "This is where people go to get away from hip young jerks," my friend says as I sip my Roots Organic Kolsch. I surreptitiously push it away and contemplate ordering a Jäger bomb.
What to drink: $4 local pints.
Happy hour: $1 Rainiers 9 pm-midnight Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Entertainment: Pool, TV, arcade games, live blues.