Lunch 11 am-3 pm Monday-Friday, brunch 8 am-2:30 pm and lunch 3-5 pm Saturday-Sunday, dinner 5 pm-close daily. $$$ Expensive.
[GARDEN PARTY] If a jaunt across the Fremont Bridge sounds like too much of a trek for a culinary experience, consider the bevy of pickled goodies that await at Meriwether's. The pickled veggies featured in the ample "From the Pantry" section of the menu may seem like one in long list of potential appetizer candidates, but it is from this plate that Meriwether's true personality shines. Plump root vegetables pickled in vinegary brine hold down the fort while canoe-shaped celery laced with spices floats about on the edges next to a rampart of bright orange pickled carrots—all from Meriwether's 5-acre farm on Northwest Skyline Boulevard. All of Meriwether's menu benefits from the garden goods: Incredibly fresh greens lift a relatively mundane duck-confit salad into transcendence; a boring ol' crab risotto jumps to life with the addition of crisp, fresh zucchini. Skipping the entrees altogether and plucking choices from the pantry, however, might be the best way to go—when the cupboard is this full of goodies, why even bother with meat, fish or fowl? JONANNA WIDNER.
Ideal meal: Large Pantry Board—five à la carte items for $18.
Best deal: That Large Pantry Board is $13 at happy hour (3-6 pm daily).