The 29th Annual Northwest Film and Video Festival--the eclectic celebration of moving pictures from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia--ends this weekend, with as exciting a selection as it began.

Catching Out (9 pm Wednesday, Nov. 13)--Director Sarah George's documentary is a look at people who wander the country by hopping freight trains. Both intimate and entertaining, Catching Out offers a unique glimpse into a seldom-talked-about subculture.

Culture Jam (7 pm Thursday, Nov. 14)--Jill Sharpe's film headlines this trio of documentaries that examine how our world is affected by advertising, genetically engineered foods and gentrification. Also on the bill is Not For Sale, which explores the changing world of science and agriculture, and how the two are combining. Few locally produced films have sparked more conversations than NorthEast Passage, Cornelius Swart and Spencer Wolf's probing look at gentrification and the quest for affordable housing in North and Northeast Portland.

Gerry (7 pm Friday, Nov. 15)--The latest film from Gus Van Sant is a stark, minimalist and altogether unsettling tale of two hikers (Matt Damon and Casey Affleck) who become lost. With long, drawn-out scenes and almost no dialogue, Van Sant expertly conveys a sense of desperation and despair.

Rise, Rise, Rise! and Learning to Love You More (9:30 pm, Friday, Nov. 15)--Acclaimed performance/media artist Miranda July teams up with Emma Hedditch from Great Britain for a presentation of various works the two have either created or found over the years, including a video to be made by Hedditch on her flight to Portland for the festival.

26th Annual Young People's Film & Video Festival (1 pm Saturday, Nov. 16)--A showcase of films and videos produced by moviemakers from grades K to 12. This event is .

Docs of Endurance (4 pm Saturday, Nov. 16)--This double feature of documentaries highlights those who've slipped between the cracks. Be My Junkie Shadow profiles eight women wrestling with heroin addiction. Complex exposes the lives of a low-income apartment complex in a Seattle suburb.

Closing Night Party (9 pm Saturday, Nov. 16)--The final films of this year's festival include three diverse documentaries. Frump chronicles a punk band made up of five middle-aged mothers. Spangled focuses on the aspiring singers who audition to sing the national anthem at Blazers home games. Outdoorsmen follows a group of manly men who gather once year in the woods to assert their masculinity by chugging mass quantities of beer.

Also screening this week: Shorts of Wonder (7 pm Wednesday, Nov. 13), Shorts of Endurance (9 pm Thursday, Nov. 14) and Shorts of Passion (7 pm Saturday, Nov. 16).

The 29th Annual Northwest Film & Video Festival

Guild Theatre, 829 SW 9th Ave., 221-1156, . $6.50.