August 15th, 2007 12:00 am Michael Byrne | Food Reviews & Stories

A few months back, Acme—once a beloved venue for local indie upstarts—disappeared into an abyss. Aside from a few dance nights and odd rock shows in an acoustically horrible tent, the inner-Southeast joint was a shadow of its past. New owners have taken charge since, and, well, it still looks like Acme, smells like Acme and even has Acme’s signage. But it’s now Plan B. The dance floor and stage are gone, swallowed by a new line of booths, and the tent is gone as well (good riddance). The menu—which once consisted of mostly barbecue-leaning items—is similar, which should be a relief to fans of Acme’s beloved “frings” (a cross between fries and onion rings). And the fare now includes a few vegan and vegetarian options (which Acme sorely lacked), but there’s still little draw. It’s a fine bar (though drinks are a little spendy at $4 for a well), and it fills a geographic drinking gap, but in the end it just feels like a punk-themed, contraceptively named, pale imitation of its predecessor.
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