Easily the northernmost of North Portland bars at nearly a half-mile past St. Johns' tavern-cluttered strip—this bar's 'hood itself is among the most isolated in Portland—the Ranger is nothing less than an outpost. The walls are adorned with fine examples of taxidermy, antlers, dusty beer paraphernalia (Hamms in the bottle?), old trophies and a one-of-a-kind Portland sign that proclaims, "Our to-go beer is cheaper & colder than any area chain store. Free ice, too." Cursory research verifies the statement, and since prices are the same for beer-to-stay, the joint's got some of the cheapest and oddest choices in town ($1.65 for a single Bud, while Widmer Hefeweizen is $2.10). The regulars are tightknit, working-class and uniformly friendly, as are the barkeeps (on a slow night they might challenge you to a game of pool). Odds are, this isn't your neighborhood, or even close to it, but sometimes you just gotta get away. The Ranger's waiting.
Perfect Patron: Fugitives and refugees. (MB)