When people from outside the area—say, writers for The New York Times—think of Portland, they imagine we all look like the eclectic mix of customers at the Sandy Hut. Even post-smoking ban, if you look at the Sandy Hut in the right light, you can still feel the nicotine fog filling every cubic inch of the air. It's the sort of place you can wear a leather choke collar and no one will bat an eye, but a full suit and tie will lead to exclusion from the bar's spontaneous bouts of insanity. If it weren't for all those pesky OLCC regulations, you can bet each evening would begin with games of flip-cup.
What to drink: Daily specials like the Purple Hooter, $4.
Happy hour: $2 Coors Light and $2.75 well drinks 4-7 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Pool, arcade games, jukebox, shuffleboard, Wi-Fi.