My goodness, what a week for the queen of the weenie roast. First, Miss D. was blown away by the number of correct and almost correct responses to last week's not-so-easy Summertime Fun Quiz. To see the right answers to the quiz, click here. Miss D. had the opportunity to interact using The Technology with many smartypants readers. The winner is a young supplicant named Jamie Bell. Ms. Bell, a mere 26 years old, is about to graduate from the Western Culinary Institute; in a few weeks this bold lass (she declared herself the sexiest chef in Portland in the quiz) will head to New York City to intern at Food Network butt boy Bobby Flay's restaurant, Bolo. This hubris-laden chefette will attempt to whisk her way into the kitchens of Manhattan when her six-week internship is through, but she tells Miss Dish, "If all else fails, I'll head back to P-town and take your job over." Catfight, anyone? Check this space for future correspondence from Miss D.'s latest teacher's pet.

Now, more hearts from the artichoke of the restaurant world...

!Item! Rose's triumphant return to Northwest Portland is nigh. The open date for its Northwest 23rd Avenue site, which Jamie's (not Ms. Bell) Hamburgers and the ill-fated Andrew Smash used to call home, is looking like July 16.

!Item! The Portland Farmers Market's latest franchise, a tony Pearl District address, is setting its first table First Thursday, July 5. Head down to the North Park blocks (careful, don't trip in those Manolo Blahniks) between 4 and 8 pm.

!Item! Haggis, anyone? Portland Brewing is throwing a good ol' fashioned Scottish ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's birthday and the 49th Annual Portland Highland Games. The charity dinner (6:30 pm Thursday, July 19) costs $40 and will feature that brave sheepish dish among other Scottish delicacies. Call 226-7623 for more info.

!Item! Grand Central Bakery is importing a $90,000 oven from France. GCB says it's something about a special steam-injector system that makes it worth more than a college education and a new car. This mammoth hunk of heat can bake 300 loaves of bread at one time.

!Item! Nathan Logan is tinkering around at Pazzo. He just
created a new menu, and he transformed the small pizza kitchen near the entrance of the restaurant into a fresh pasta-making kitchen. Gots to keep busy.

The winning answers as emailed in from Jamie Bell:

1) Beer is: Bridgeport Street Car Ale, obviously from BridgePort Brewing Co.
2) Zinc is the new name for the restaurant. And they serve french-y food.
3) Willamette Week has a new restaurant site, the logo is a spy glass with one eye looking on in..
4) McCormick and Schmicks
5) Pinot Noir
6) Bobby Flay went to Japan, and he won-whoa, but wait, don't think that in three weeks I'm not moving to NYC to be an apprentice over at one of Bobby's restaurants-oh, 'cause I am.
7) Ensanada's is now La Fonda
8) A mandoline is an instrument that slices extremely thinly-usually used for potatoes, or waffling those pesky root veggies.
9) The sexiest chef in PDX? Oh, c'mon, is this a trick question? Well, hands down i'm the HOTTEST C.I.T. in p-town (that's chef in training), but I could be all generic and say the Chef Eric at saucebox is pretty much a babe. Chef Kenny, perhaps. But let me give you the inside scoop, just go find "Boomba" over at detour cafe, now he's a cutie pa-tooty. As long as I mention Boomba, Marcus is a riot too.
10) This is too easy. Anthony Bourdain wrote "Kitchen Confidential"