November 30th, 1999 12:00 am KAT MERCK | Food Reviews & Stories


Not to be confused with the People’s Sandwich across Burnside Street, this cheerfully painted yellow truck is pork, all pork and nothing but the pork, so help us God. No vegetarian options, no sandwiches over (or under) $8, no nonsense. The specialty here is porchetta (save yourself the embarrassment and call it PORK-etta, not PORSH-etta)—thick, juicy rolls of roasted pork belly and loin. There’s also sopressata, spicy salami served on toasted ciabatta with provolone, pickled peppers and vinaigrette-dressed arugula; Cuban pork with sour-orange sauce; and ham with arugula and butter-poached apples and onions. Sooey! (KM)

BEST BITE: Sopressata and arugula, $8.

CHEAPEST BITE: Somewhere else, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

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