November 30th, 1999 12:00 am NATALIE BAKER | Food Reviews & Stories


The menu at Portland’s first tapas cart consists of bocadillos (little sandwiches) and sides like patatas bravas (tasty fried potatoes in spicy tomato sauce) and arugula salad with roasted beet. If you’re feeling especially famished, try raciones, a combination of four tapas for less than 10 bucks. The $5 estofada is a regularly changing stew, but if a recent heavenly spiced lamb, apricot and garbanzo bean concoction was any indicator of things to come, plan on getting soup with that sandwich. The hamburguesa ($4.50) is heaven on a bun, and the chicken villeroy (battered organic chicken breast with romesco on Grand Central campagnolo) is nothing to sneeze at. 

BEST BITE: Hamburguesa—$4.50: a fresh, slider-size take on the classic beef sandwich, with sweet Spanish slaw and zesty paprika aioli.

CHEAPEST BITE: Montaditos—delicious, tiny breads with toppings. Choose from boquerones-and-potato or garlic-and-portabella, $1.


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