Inspecting Prost's sturdy picnic tables and enormous, heavy-bottomed mugs, one might recall the infamous words of Vince Offer, of ShamWow infomerical fame: "You know the Germans always make good stuff!" In combining that Teutonic sensibility with the tried-and-true Mississippi Avenue formula pioneered by Amnesia Brewing (large patio + sausages + beer = crowds), Prost! has become an undeniable success since its October 2009 opening. Not in the mood for bratwurst? Next door lies the vaunted Mississippi Marketplace cart pod, the offerings of which patrons are welcome to bring into the bar. Cupcakes and beer? Wunderbar.
What to drink: Spaten Lager, Spaten Dunkel, Spaten Optimator, Spaten Oktoberfest….
Happy hour: Call for details; 2-5 pm daily.
Entertainment: Darts, TV, people watching, patio.