New downtown cart Cool Harry's—whose mascot is a penguin—waddles in the footsteps of increasingly popular gourmet frozen-yogurt shops like Pinkberry, offering soft-serve frozen yogurt in unusual flavors with fruit toppings. Although the cart's Twitter feed promises flavors like peach rose and celery zest, on a recent visit the only two options were original tart and chocolate cherry (both were, curiously, white). The original tart topped with boysenberry is, thankfully, not too sweet, but also not quite creamy enough. We topped one order of chocolate cherry with blueberry, and the other with raspberries, which ended up being a few too many flavors. Although both types of yogurt were pretty darn good (especially original tart—chocolate cherry should have tasted more like chocolate), Harry really should invest in Oregon's ridiculously good fresh fruit rather than tossing on frozen berries during the summer months. Either way, on a hot day, this trendy cart will keep you cool—literally and figuratively.

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EAT: Cool Harry's, 599 SW 10th Ave., 317-9906, 11 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday. $ Inexpensive.