Old Town partygoers looking to sate late-night munchies can add a gourmet-quesadilla cart to their list. Killa Dilla, only open in the wee hours on weekend nights, serves up greasy, cheesy, saucy slabs o' 'dilla to Portland's downtown night owls. On Friday night at 11, the bright-blue cart with two friendly employees and a mouthwatering menu seems like it will hit the spot, but don't expect a Mexican creation. Instead, Killa Dilla's menu items are more...Northwest-inspired. Think freshly caught albacore tuna and garlicky coleslaw. The smoked-salmon Killa Dilla, at $10, costs a little more than one should probably pay for a midnight snack, but the fillings are a surprising blend of salmon, mozzarella cheese, garlic, cabbage and a tangy orange sauce. The chicken sausage Killa Dilla ($7) and the simple Cheese Dilla ($3) are both odd-tasting—replacing fish with rubbery chicken sausage is a bad idea, and the Cheese Dilla is overwhelmingly garlicky. However, all the 'dillas feature perfectly browned, perfectly chewy tortillas and the meat-filled items contain delightful little pieces of marinated red onions. If I found myself on the prowl downtown with the beer munchies, I'd wolf one down—but only if the line at Voodoo was too long to handle.

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EAT: Killa Dilla, Southwest 3rd Avenue and Ankeny Street. 9:30 pm-2:30 am Thursday-Sunday. $ Inexpensive. Twitter.com/KillaDillaCart.