1. Child’s apron,

$18, sewn from vintage fabrics by 103-year-old Portlander Edith Pate.

Plue, 4431 SE Woodstock Blvd., 954-2269, pluepdx.com.

2. Abo doll, $25, handmade by a collective of craftswomen in Uganda for the Portland Web retailer Global Sistergoods. Globalsistergoods.com.

3. Turtle Monkey Bug dolls, $56, with faces painted by hand by Portland artists. Polliwog, 2900 SE Belmont St., 236-3903, polliwogportland.com.

4. Bristlebot, $11.99, a tiny robot designed by Portland's Hogwild Toys—just a vibrating motor perched atop a toothbrush head, really—that zips across countertops with whatever wire accoutrements you care to add. OMSI Science Store, 1945 SE Water Ave., 797-4626, omsi.edu/science-store.

5. Catapult, $22, made in Portland by Wood Toy Shop, flings tiny beanbags 7 yards. Black Wagon, 3964 N Mississippi Ave., 916-0000, blackwagon.com.

6. Batik stormtrooper shirt, $24.50, by local studio Tree Town Batiks. Plue, see above.