20 NW 3rd Ave., 241-5128, 5 pm-2 am nightly.
Drinking at Yes and No is a no-frills affair. Located in the heart of Old Town, this narrow little dive bar is a nice change of pace from the velvet-roped clubs 100 feet down the block. The clientele of Yes and No looks rough around the edges, but it turns out customers are so friendly you feel comfortable chatting up people with nose rings the size of horseshoes with one-inch gauges. Curious drinkers beware: Perched on a midlevel bar shelf is a bottle of pink liquid wearing a party hat labeled "black root." Do not drink the black root. The dregs of all liquor bottles at Yes and No are combined to make black root. Stick with the good crop of beers (cans and bottles only), or a cheap mixed drink that sure packs a wallop. WHITNEY HAWKE.
What to drink: Lagunitas IPA.
Entertainment: Jukebox, TVs playing obscure movies, DJ.