2025 N Kilpatrick St., 285-3718, kentonclub.com. 10-2:30 am daily.
The "world famous" Kenton Club, hidden right off the NoPo neighborhood's North Denver main drag, likes to boast about its cameo in Raquel Welch's 1972 roller derby flick, Kansas City Bomber (hence the skates proudly displayed in the main room), but these days the wood-paneled spot is better known for cheap drinks, cheap pool and convivial country and punk shows. On a slow weekday, grab a pint of Everybody's Brewing's Daily Bread Common Ale ($4) and join the rest of the regulars for a round of video crack or a quick game of Wheel of Fortune pinball. If somebody would hurry up and invent a cigarette smoke-scented air freshener, this place would be dive-bar perfection. That's not to say the old girl doesn't have a trick or two up her sleeve: Later this year Kenton Club is going to start brewing its own beer. KELLY CLARKE.
What to drink: PBR and tots.
Happy hour: $3.50 well drinks and cheap food 4-6 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Pinball, darts, live music, DJs, TV, trivia Thursdays, pool, patio. Excellent overheard conversations: "You know that girl at Magic Gardens that's, like, triple jointed? She can bend her leg all the way over her head? I saw her on the bus the other day. Nice person…good heart. She asked me where I'd been."