3652 SE Division St., 236-8755, thevictorybar.com. 5 pm-1 am nightly.
Adventurous beer drinkers, take note. Named "One of the Top 100 Places to Drink Beer in America" by Imbibe magazine, the Victory Bar serves a selection of international beers you won't find elsewhere. Take the Regenboog 'Tsmisje Fiori spiced Belgian ale, for example, or the Belhaven Scottish Stout. With its half-curtained windows, flickering tabletop candles and rounded leather bench seats, the Victory Bar manages to be both classy and comfortable at the same time. In addition, there's the spaetzle ($7). Pronounce the word how you like; this rich and creamy baked pasta and cheese made with Gruyère and topped with crispy shallots will fill you up and keep you coming back. Another excellent choice: the venison burger ($10). Yum. CHRISTINA COOKE.
What to drink: The bourbon ginger cocktail, made with fresh ginger pulp, housemade cardamom bitters and spicy ginger.
Happy hour: $3 well drinks, $3.50 local IPA or amber pints, $1.75 Old Germans, $4 house red and white wines, $4 Manhattans and martinis, $5 bourbon ginger and $5 hush puppies, salami plates and baked spaetzles, 5-7 pm daily; the above drink deals, plus $3 bread and olives, $5 Belgian fries, $5 hush puppies and baked spaetzles after 11 pm daily.
Entertainment: Ms. Pac-Man tables, board games including Oregon trivia and my personal favorite, the '80s board game Heartthrob.